Why Volunteer Inn

Why Volunteer Abroad With Volunteer Inn Mexico?

Volunteers tell us Volunteer Inn Mexico creates an unforgettable experience for them in Mexico. we also build on strong and trustworthy relationships with the many needs-based organizations that seek us out for help from teachers (especially in English), childcare services, healthcare support, and in environmental and ecological projects, as well as animal and vet services, and other organizations worthy of our assistance. For volunteers who come to us, Volunteer Inn Mexico provides 24/7 support, including housing and meals.


About Volunteer Inn

Learn about the Volunteer Inn Mexico story, we have offered volunteer opportunities to students since 2005.


Reasons to Volunteer

See some of the many great reasons that people choose us as their most popular volunteer abroad organization.

Volunteer Inn Location

Explore Volunteer Inn in Merida Mexico your great destinations


Volunteer Inn Stories

Read real stories from our volunteers and see first hand, their experiences, passions and accomplishments.


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Whether you want to volunteer and teach abroad, participate in construction work, conserve wildlife or provide childcare.


Fund Raising

We use the crowd-funding website Fund & Seek To help with fundraising services to offset the cost of travel.

Reasons to Volunteer Inn Today!


Volunteer Inn Mexico has developed a reputation as the world leader in affordable volunteer programs, with hundreds of volunteers traveling with us every year. We are able to keep our fees low and ensure these go towards meaningful community projects and local employment.


Volunteering creates many life-long connections and friendships. Apart from forming personal connections with the people they assist while volunteering and host families, volunteers create strong bonds with their fellow volunteers. VIM volunteers are always in the company of like-minded international people and, although they come from different backgrounds and cultures, the experiences that they share as volunteers creates ties that can last a lifetime. Check out our stories of personal experiences through volunteering in our blog.

Community Impact

Volunteer Inn has spent years creating connections with needs-based organizations throughout Mexico. Whether you choose a short-term project or long-term project, a project in Environmental Conservation or Childcare, your work with Volunteer Inn will make a valuable contribution that the community that it serves. See the volunteer projects that we offer on our projects page.

Cultural Immersion

At Volunteer Inn Mexico, we believe that volunteering and culture are inseparable. To ensure a well-rounded cultural experience, we give volunteers a cultural orientation and small tour during their program orientation. We promote host family stays and offer great tour opportunities and DIY activities for volunteers seeking to learn about the local culture.

Service Learning

¨We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience¨ - John Dewey

Volunteer Inn provides volunteers with a unique opportunity to engage in community service abroad. With over 10 years of experience matching students and volunteers with meaningful volunteer projects, our team will help you find a program for your personal and professional growth. Through guided reflection activities and group discussions, our goal at Volunteer Inn Mexico is to help you gain a better understanding of the local language, culture and community.


From your first contact with Volunteer Inn until you finish your program, you will receive dedicated support and service from our staff. Once you become a member on our website, you will gain access to a number of materials and features on your Volunteer Inn account to help you prepare for your trip and your volunteer project.

Your Volunteer Inn Program Manager is responsible for making program arrangements to help you prepare for your experience. When you reach your program destination, your Program Manager will be your main point of contact for anything concerning your stay until the end of your program. We also have project coordinators that make weekly visits to your volunteer placements. Our coordinators help volunteers prepare for their projects each day and make sure that communication is clear and accessible between the volunteer and their volunteer project. Get to know our Volunteer Inn staff here.

Once your finish your program with us, we will get back in touch with your to see how you enjoyed your experience and give you a volunteer appreciation certificate to thank you for the service that you have provided to the local community.